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Charming Residence in London where you can experience the four seasons of England without leaving your home.

Isabel Tse explores the newly unveiled show flat in One Casson Square; one of the iconic residential building at Southbank Place.

This luxury development is located on the South bank, London. The One Casson Square building is surrounded by a beautiful landscaping and iconic scenery that can be admired from a vantage few see in London with this building standing at 31 floors.

The interior design is full of historical references that make this apartment entirely unique and a perfect residence in the area . The three bedrooms within the apartment showcase wrap-around floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the intoxicating views of the Thames, London Eye, Houses of Parliament and St. Paul’s Cathedral.


Inspired by Southbank’s history and cultural relics, the apartment’s decoration style follows the modern retro route, paying tribute to the inherited culture.

The designers specially designed all the furniture for the apartment, in order to achieve the desired look combining bold materials, textures and colours to give each room its own unique personality. For example, the living room uses neutral nude colours as the main tone, while the study, bedroom and dining room use ivory white, dark cyan and orange, and the different tones seem to blend perfectly together. The result is a strong modern retro atmosphere.

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